Porter 7
Policy of Medici Family

Acceptance Level: Lv 140 available
Use of Inventory: 30
Target Monster: No fighting

Large City Baliat
Chiatra 75.78 - Get Fabric Shopping List

Large City Baliat
Lord Medici 107.33 - Fabric Purchase Fund

Port City Bridgehead
Horton 139.88 - Lose Fabric Shopping List

Holy City Augusta
PAchi 126.22

Twilight Falls B2
(From the portal on the right in B1)
Click Treasure - Get Pendant of the Pachi Family
Click the skelleton on the floor - Remains of Pachi's Mother

Holy City Augusta
Pachi 126.22 - Lose 3 items
Get Nasetra Fabric x30

Large City Baliat
Chiatra 75.78 - Lose Items

319424 Exp (With Premium) - Inventory Size 38
Title Porter Lvl 7

~*~*~ Credits To KuteMadKitty ~*~*~