Monster Distinguisher 8
Power of Holy Creature!

Acceptance Level: Lv 150 available
Use of Inventory: 2
Target Monster: Bentus, Urne, Terraier, Ignis (Lv 146 ~ 147)

Farm Town Lacalifusa
Ogren 83.37 - Get Perfume of Fetidness

Tagta Mountain
Click the rock 343.35
Bentus will appear (Greenish Gargoyle Monster)
Kill Bentus - Lose Perfume of Fetidness
Get Origin of Wind

Farm Town Lacalifusa
Ogren 83.37 - Lose Origin of Wind
Get Contaminated Water
Get Contaminated Soil

The Baahel River / The Upper Stream of the Eastern Baahel River
316.348 --- 163.214
Down Hill 323.305
Click the Rock 214.176
Urne will appear (octopus)
Kill Urne - Lose Contaminated Water
Get Origin of Water

*1st time i killed it it didnt give me any item and i didnt notice. It said "another player is doin this quest"
Had to go back there after getting the Item from Terraier.*

Go back to the hill where the last portal was, and go to
246.200 --- 285.74
287.90 --- 241.96
37.114 --- 280.22

The Fountains Highland
Click the Rock 110.311
Kill Terraier - Lose Contaminated Soil
Get Origin of Land

Farm Town Lacalifusa
Ogren 83.37 - Lose Origin of Land

Worten Road/Eastern Deff Hills
Click the Torch 164.315
Ignis will appear (Efreet Monster)
Kill Ignis - Get Origin of Fire

Farm Town Lacalifusa
Ogren 83.37 - Lose Origin of Fire
Lose Origin of Water

379316 Exp (With Premium)
Title Monster Distinguisher Lvl 8 - Judgement Possible level 993
Judgement Possible Category Undead, Demon, Animal, Holy Creature
Judgement Possible lever Semi Boss level 3

~*~*~ Credits To KuteMadKitty ~*~*~