Monster Distinguisher 6
Revival of a Dead Wife

Acceptance Level: Lv 50 available
Use of Inventory: 11
Target Monster: Redeye Senators, Mummy (Lv 52 ~ 55)

Holy City Augusta
Arkain 71.157

The Old Laboratory of the Redeyes B3
Redeye Senator - Get Corpse Revival Research Report
(Better to go inside the cage(89.52) where the Efreet is, more Redeye Senators together.)

Holy City Augusta
Arkain 71.157 - Lose Corpse Recical Research Report

The Vestiges of Arian B1
Touch Sphere 44.73 - Get Water of Life

Gardius Desert / Northern Great Forest
The Road of Sethna
Kill Mummy - Get Mummy's Body Part x10

Holy City Augusta
Arkain 71.157 - Lose Water of Life
- Lose Mummy's Body Part x10

*The Wife comes back to life but dies again xD*

Holy City Augusta
Arkain 71.157

25954 Exp (With Premium)
Title Monster Distinguisher Lvl 6 - 
Judgement possible 826
Judgement Possible Cathegory Undead, Animal, Holy Creature
Judgement Possible level Semi Boss level 1

~*~*~ Credits To KuteMadKitty ~*~*~