Chapter 1 (Truth of the Red Gem rumor)
Part 10 (The Last Trial)

1.10.1 (The Red Stone Hunter)

Ruined City Damel
House of Gale (touch the cup board behind Gile in the Pub)
Gale 10.10

Ruined City Damel
Underground Ruins of Damel
(Enter the blue portals to get to the SD door)
1st portal - 194.7
2nd portal - 109.12
3rd portal - 80.59

*careful with the mortal trap'll need to go through it to get to the door so if you're not high lvl and you have low HP / DP be prepaired to die :-/ or get bless :P *

This is a normal SD so you need to wait 10 minutes to get a key (Hidden Place of Lucipher Portal Crystal for Passage) and you can only do 2 per day which means that if u die and come outside 2 times you're out til the next day :?

Kill the Red Devil Rusipol and then talk to Gale that will appear in the middle of the Dungeon :)


~*~*~ Credits To KuteMadKitty ~*~*~