Businessman Lvl 1

Acceptance Level: Lv 7
Use of Inventory: 0
Target Monster: No fighting

High Brunenstig
PR Staff of the merchant (75,82)

Port City Bridgehead
Merchant (83.80)
This NPC will ask you some questions.

These are the correct answers:

1. What is the most expensive item that Brunenstig arms dealer Will Fredo has?
4. Claymore

2. What item does Dorothy 'not' have?
1. Sweets

3. Who sells Fallen Angel's Weapons?
3. Choky

4. Who uses Tonkin's items?
3. Magic Archer

5. Among the shops of Brunenstig, who is the owner of the shop that sells the most expensive things?
2. Zensy

6. What can the item "Dragon's Heart" do?
2. Mantain CP in the maximum for a while

7. This is sold in Hanove. This is used to repair destroyed items that have failed to enchant. What's the name of it?
2. Super High Strength Adhesive

8. About the arrows sold in Hanove, how many arrows does a set contain?
2. 255

9. What kind of weapons are sold the most in the Divine City of Augusta?
4. Priest

10. Who of the following does not trade in Augusta?
1. Doggi Tania

11. Which of the following is not sold by Merchant XXX from Augusta?
4. Wisdom Ring Earring

12. Which of the following Merchants sells the most expensive things in Augusta?
3. Chen

13. Which of the following can only be put on a female character?
1. Double Earring

14. How many large potions does a set contain that is sold by Textral Ping from Bridgehead?
4. 10

15. Which of the following is sold from Lovillaicy of Bridgehead?
1. Chris Naga

16. The next items are sold by Louistrong. Which is the cheapest one?
1. Silver Wing

17. Among the Enchant Crystals sold by Doggi Tania, how much does the Auto Reload Crystal cost?
4. 5,000

18. Which of the following Merchants is a Weapons merchant?
2. Darkinson from Augusta

19. Which of the following Merchants is a miscellaneous merchant?
4. Dextral Ping from Bridgehead

20. In which of the following cities are there more merchants?
1. Brunenstig

21. How many merchants are in Brunenstig? Street Stall merchants and Store Merchants inside buildings are included.
2. 14

22. Which of the merchants has more defense tools?
3. Lyn Jake

The answers at one line :
4133 2222 4143 1411 4241 23

No Exp
Title Businessman Lvl 1 - Allow to sell 3 items in Street Stall

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