So after you talk to Claude in brune, he will give you one Magic Small Snowman, and will tell you the names of some NPC's you need to talk to and do quests for. Here's a list of them, and what they ask you to do:

4 Basic Workers:

Dasher - Brentil
Comet - Smug
Dancer - Arian
Cupid - Hanov

4 Advanced Workers:

Prancer - Bridgehead
Donner - Strasserad
Vixen - Augusta
Blitzen - Bigapple

1st Quest (Cupid):

Mine City Hanov
Cupid 45,64

Mine City Hanov
Silid 42,76
(Buy Healing Potion)

Mine City Hanov
Cupid 45,64
(Lose H...
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