Damn! Long time no see u my blog XD lawl meh.... lots of things happened and im still like.... HAVE NO TIME TO PLAY!!!! omigawd xD

Well... we moved to OGPlanet... i don't really like them T.T i wantz Zieu bk T.T Z... if u read this... GO WORK FOR THEM!!!!!

then the got some Game Sages... Wth T.T


Well i dont exactly agree with this, no offense guys :/ i just dont agree with the way they chose the GS... anyway....

Some chars arent exactly working T.T the launcher sux i have to restart everytime i wanna log :/

I cant give my opinion about something on the forums... if i say the words Zin and Fams on the same line im fked loool some ass fker will come flame meh and my innocent posts just end up being deleted.... EFFIN STUPID DUH!

Not to mention those 2 a*holes! Arian and TheBipolarGemini copying my posts lawl

Ok guys i get it... im famous, im hot ._. , im nice, im a good player... but comon T.T u dont need to copy me... your screaming, begging for attention... all you want is to be like me... Well... u cant ._. there aint no kitty like meh yo! got it?!

This shizzle just pisses me off seriously :/

Well... atleast we're gettin events!  we're supposed to get double exp/drop tomorrow for like wat...? 10 days i think...? That if they don't just post another message saying the events were postponed.... same with the O/X quiz and world quiz T.T im actually excited with this... let's see lawl

Well... ima go bk to forum and post the rest of the quests =/ this shizzle is kinda boring... Forums are startin to $#%$&"#$% meh T.T

 for readin and hi Koola xD i know ur my biggest fan  rofl

~ KuteMadKitty ~ im_all_yours ~ _Syn_ ~ Elodie ~ LadyPriest