Dam my last post was a long time ago 

Soooooo.... Ill be posting a few things now that i started playing Red Stone again. Not only this one but the Private Server too... Dam i had some ss that were soooo cool i wanted to post here... and i lost everything when my comp got mad at me and made me format him 

There was this dude... well dudes... on Private server, those who used the rebirth system like 10000000 times ya know <.< lol and have like 6k buffs... anyway... a Mage, a Wolf, a Priest and a Thief.

So they went to the map <<<<<< of brune, the one with the Kobolds, and wolf used displacement on the kobold... Mage fully buffed him, priest too... Thief was just afk loool... You could see every noob that entered that map, dieing from a Weak Kobold hitting 6k +... 

At 1st i didnt find it funny caus i i went to that map, and even b4 the map was loaded i was already dead lmao! Then i got a way to hide behind that tree near the NPC Heva, and they tried to get the Kobold to me and kill me and the wolf died lmao! I was laughin my ass off on their faces ahahahaha

Thats not all.... The super Weak Kobold was lvling... from killing ppl! 
Loooooooooooooooooool i was there for like 2 hrs watching xD there was always some tamer comin and ruinin the thing and killin the kobold lol but one of the times that thing lvled to lvl 11 from killin noobs lmao! You could see the bodies on the ground like 10+ on the same spot near the map killed by that super Weak Kobold... Dam i had tears in my eyes from laughin so hard watching all those ppl b*tching at them for dieing in the same second they stepped into the map 
Was hilarious... loooooooool

Anyway, i also tried the new class (Spiritualist Teacher / Animal Projection)... Its so coooooooooooool!!!!! Im pretty sure it will be like the best (or one of the best) classes for GvG / Siege War. I made a skill chart for it, translated directly from Korean, which is posted on my guild forum. Its actually pretty cool 

Anyway... hmmmm..... Ill post a few more things soon...

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