Yeah its true  i haz fans looooool

I keep getting PMs and msgs in town about how ppl love my blog (and my emoticons <.< lol), and my guides, and that the forum would suck without them, and that they miss me, even got one saying im some kind of hero ._____.
There r ppl that even thank me for things i did in old server like some time i helped with KS or finishin a quest they couldnt finish, or plvl... things like that.

Well i kinda found out there r still nice ppl in Red Stone. Not only caus they like me no lol but i even started SDing wiht other ppl... i mean WOW thats some kind of miracle 

Til like a month ago (yeah ppl keep bitching w.e), i couldnt get SD anywhere. But i found out that there r still nice ppl in game and around my lvl which is awsm
And i can actually lvl without gettin KS'ed. Im surprised i really am.

Mehhh... But i kinda feel lonely in game... Been trying to get Vass to play again for like... months... caus if he plays then ill play too but... he doesnt want to!!! 

PAY> 50m to whoever brings vass into RS again <.< and i mean like bk to play not just in and out game .___.

But anyway... im kinda excited with this new update. I mean... i've played the  spiritualist class b4 on private server, and its cool... its a pretty cool char but... i want something new... i want Main Quest... I started doin it on pvt server but... comon <.< Doin Main Quest in japanese sucks really bad ._____________.

So i decided to just w8. Then ill come bk to the game, i mean really come bk like 'full time' caus now i only do SD sometimes and item hunt for like an hr sometimes on weekends. Argy quitted in the begginin of the server... Ian is back but only his inactive Redfield is in guild.... Vass wont come bk not even for his gf *cries* and kuro left too caus of those assholes that dont let ppl buy prem from certain regions... REALLY?! wtf?! -.- So shes still banned from buying prem... even i am on my prinny and priest =/ idk y they unbanned my tamer but well atleast from that one i can buy .____. Only Jay still plays and i miss my old guild  guys come back... lets kik some ass like in old server!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll try to come here more often now. If i start playing ill have lots of things to post here 

I want peeeeeeets  pets pets pets pets pets... and main quest 

Okaz so its kinda like 1:15 am and im out <.< dun forget... pay 50m for vass <.<

Family pic time (lawl):

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