Recently (like 2 weeks ago) the Speed Bug came back to Prandel.

Nameless Tower is bugged, The Unnamed Vestiges are bugged, etc etc etc... Nameless SD is a hell with this bug >_<... but this isnt the only problem. Ppl cant link accounts, cant buy premium from the bugged page of the RS website....

The Tickets are not being answered, Red Stone is.....

Last week we decided to go to the Gamers First forum, me, amciii, Akiles and some other guys, decided to ask WTH is happening. The answer? "Stop acting like 3 year old kids and go to for more information. You are all IP banned from the Gamers 1st Forum"

All i did was asking where da hell are the GMs 0.o... What are they trying to hide from us?

We should all go look for something else to do, caus i dont think we'll get an answer from Raiden anytime soon =)