Well... Yeah... Zin Fams again... yay! So nice ugh...

It's like the only think ppl have to say when u pwn them lmao

Nico suggested that we should have a Spanish/Portuguese section. Which i agree. This was wat happened:

Injinjoe: I can ask about it, Nico, but I don't know if they are open to adding new language sections or not. I'm not even sure if there would be someone to moderate it.

KuteMadKitty (Me ofc): I could help with the Portuguese section .__. since i am portuguese (IM NOT BR stop askin  im portuguese from portugal! lool)

Bloodyfool: what's the difference they both speak Portuguese 0.o sure Br will b bit different but i highly doubt it's not understandable 4 you. i'd understand if they'd make Belgian topic eventho that wouldn't b quite logical lol

KuteMadKittyI didnt say i dont speak brasilian. Its just portuguese with an accent. I just said im NOT brasilian. Everytime i say portuguese ppl say "oh ur br?" -.- y would i be br -.- i said portuguese not br. Portugal = main country. Brasil = discovered by us xD end of discussion 

We rox xD

Nico: brasil>portugal. 

besides you didnt discover brasil.

KuteMadKittyNot me the portuguese did ._.

Nico: i know you didnt =) your the one of the gm room zin fams, i sometimes confuse 

america was already populated you know =), besides if someone discovered america its the spanish, then the portugues felt like leaving their cute little country and followed the spanish to america.

KuteMadKittylol ur pathetic xD but kay keep thinkin that way if makes u happy  
Google who discovered brazil 

"Brazil was discovered by accident when a Portuguese expedition to India, led by Pedro Alvares Cabral, swung too far westward in 1500. It remained virtually ignored by the Crown for twenty-five years because it lacked the rich trade cities found in Asia and it had no ready supplies of precious metals. Furthermore, there were no indigenous empires to manipulate, as there were in Mexico and Peru, and the native population was too few in number to provide a dependable source of slave labour. The discovery of Brazil wood, the source of red dye, much in demand by the European textile industry, was incentive for founding the colony and provided its name. The fear that Brazil might fall into French hands accelerated settlement efforts by the Portuguese Crown." bla bla bla 

As for the rest of ur post ill just ignore ^^

Nico: woot nice, i know more now 

google got everything 
ill google "how to get zin fams"

Moral of the Story: Noobs dont like to get pwned in public. When they have no other answer, they go for the obvious and old. ZIN FAMS! LOL Nico isnt the only one. 

He not only showed he's just an ass like all the others, but he also showed that he's an ignorant person. My advice, next time b4 gettin on forum and show how ignorant you are, use google! 

On some other topic, someone asked what is exactly Monster Recall, as it is on the Events Poll. No one knew what to answer exactly. Some ppl said maybe its the ability of the GMs to recall some certain monster to some certain map. So i, innocently, said that we should have a Zin day. Everyone knows that Japanese Red Stone had it, Koreans had it too. Im not sure if we had it, but i think we should.

The answer was something like:

"Shame Zieu isnt here anymore to Teleport you to the GM room."... 

And my post... MY... POST... got deleted. Adam's answer was "caus its leading to flaming on forum"... Since when!!?? giving my opinion about an event??!! causes flaming on forum??!! Was it my fault??!! Noopsy Boopsy .__. 
Then why da eff!!?? am i the Christ in every situation??!!!

The list of flaming goes on, but w.e... I cant say the word ZIN! without gettin flamed is just sad... really sad. Makes me wanna be evil....  muahahaha

~ KuteMadKitty ~ im_all_yours ~ _Syn_ ~ Elodie ~ LadyPriest