KuteMadKitty is baaaaaaakz!!!!!!!!!!! <,< Only not on our Red Stone server xD

I decided to lvl lvl lvl on private server and try all the pets we dont have in our version!!!

Loveless helped meh lvl a lil and get noob fams 

Some dude idk decided to help xD hes japanese <.< we were speakin in english and he was like "japanese pls" xD i wish i could!!!!! <.<

Few other things:

Exp i was gettin at lvl 99 @ Black Elf xD lawl

And... this i saw in town...:

Health 1/3 + Luck 1/3 Belt  dam i want one of those <.<

YES I KNOW THATS NOT KOREAN OR JAPANESE OR ENGLISH THATS NOT ANY LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop bitchin bout it <.< if i change it on my comp so i can see it in japanese, my TOSHIBA programs bug -.-" so fk it but yeah i know its health and luck <.<

Also saw some shoes 1/3 Luck + 1/3 Alacrity -.-"

Whatever  makes meh feel depressed...

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