Some of you know i use Japanese Blogs / Sites as a reference for most the things i do / try.

I've been looking for some information about my Zin Familiars, such as Locations, Skills, etc...
I noticed that they're missing one of the skills they were supposed to have.

According to the Japanese Blogs i looked, Zin Familiars are supposed to have a skills called < Resonance > (Thats the japanese translation, idk the name here.), a skill that Zin Goblins and Zin Lizards have.

Until now, the only attack i noticed they have (were supposed to have) that lizards and goblins have too, its the normal spear attack.

<---------- This is what both Lizards, Goblins and Zin fams do.

But the thing is, thats not resonance. Then what is?

According to a japanese website (i wont say names dun want angry ppl on meh xD), resonance its supposed to be an OP raise on the mobs surrounding the Zin Fam.
When i read this, also confirmed by one my my guildies, i thought bout something like what happens in Forest Of Time (?), where theres a mob that Hastes the others around. This but as an OP change.
(<Resonance> is an unconfirmed Skill)

Theres also another skill, < Shield Piercing >. This one both Zin and Ex fams have, but seems to work on different ways.
According to my research (and guildies help :P), this one is supposed to avoid a large number of skills from the other mobs.
Example: Block (this one seems to happen on both Ex and Zin).
But the Zin familiars, are also "immune" to other skills. Such as Worm Bite.

Two days ago, me and my friend Kurosukin went to Rusfel's Castle (was her 1st time), and on the map before the Rusfel's Castle (Darkfire Dungeon (?) but the outside part), there are 3 of the "new" monsters.

- Sneaky Pumpkin
- Mutant Chamel
- Brutal WingKong

I've been on that map over 20 times, and i've NEVER seen the Brutal WingKong using Worm Bite.
But the truth is that they do. How do i know? Simple... Kuros pets aren't Zin. So when he Fams attacked the Brutal WingKong, this is what happened:

As you can see, my Fams aren't Wormed.

I didn't even think about it until we sitted at Rusfel's Castle and talked bout the WormBite (caus ive never seen that there o.o).

So today, i went back there just to make sure.

No Worm Bite:

Then i decided to attack with tamer. Hittin with flute ftw \o/:

I was the only one wormed.
I tried several times, my pets did get wormed but ONLY when i was the one attacking not them. But the thing is, if they hit the Worm once, it disappears. Same doesnt happen with Kuros pets.

I was also looking for locations because i know they re not available on Normal Maps now (as they were once before), btu i remember a tamer on Red Stone forum saying she went to the place where she tamed her Zin Fams and that they were still there.

I did find the locations for the Zin Fams, but the locations are:

- Lounge (Reception Room)
- King Damon Remains Nameless (Unnamed Vestiges SD i suppose)
- Hidden in a Cave Hideout Kuboruto (Kobolds SD)
- Ogre Nest Hidden Prison (Ogre SD)
- Number of Hidden Twillight Falls Hideout (Twilight SD)
- Castle Frozen (this one ive never heard of, according to the map and some of the pictures i saw on few japanese blogs, i suppose thats some SD of the Main Quest maybe? I remember a picture with a huge Blue dragon, ice everywhere. xD)

I also heard of some kind of Bug / Way to get Zin Fams now. Something about a changing reaction to Demon Skills.
I didn't try this yet, but i will. Im gonna make a demon and try it soon.
Its supposed to happen only on an <X> Map with EX fams, and on an <Y> Lvl of the fam.

If it works i will post it for sure.