As most of you are aware of, today something stupid happened on Red Stone... Maxie gave away GM made items...


[quote 'Maxxima 'Nov 22 2009, 08:46 PM']
"...heres a short story on HOW i got there.

Mr.A Hacked the game, He got rich very very fast but was kinda low level Then Mr.A quit and tell Mr.B How to get in there...Mr.B have a couple ring with Mr.C and Mr.C have couple ring with maxie.

The real hackers is? A & B..Not me....

According to Max, Segovia (our dear Segovia who was the games hero for lots of ppl AHAH), hacked the game getting access to the GMs Room. The rest was thanks to the Couples Rings sold on red stone forums. =)

This one was my favorite:


Now, to the ppl that were saying on Red Stone Forum, and i quote:

[quote 'Teban'Nov 22 2009, 09:05 PM']
" red? zin fams BUSTED"

[quote 'Maxxima 'Nov 22 2009, 09:18 PM']
"...@Red i wouldn't talk i know you tamed them there so please."

Etc, Etc, Etc....

No. I didn't get Zin Familiars from there, never been there.

So don't put the either on the Hackers list of the GM Whor** List becaus i don't belong in there.

@Maxi and Segovia: You 2 killed the game for lots of ppl. I should congratz you both for that.