Well im not having much time to update my blog lately, so i decided to do it all at once ^.^

As Everyone knows, Red Stone turned 2 on September 19 and we finally had the Special Event we were all w8ing for


For those (like me) who never get Us, was actually a pretty cool event. Not the 1st weekend one, but the Second one...

1st Weekent Event (September 19 ~ September 21):

--> First Winner Coronet

--> Lost Piece

--> Edelgond

--> Wandarwand

--> Tragedy Of Suitradivary

--> Harnove Tool

--> Snake Bone

--> Garvantane

all junk -.-"

2nd Weekend Event (September 26 ~ September 27):

--> Triple Star

--> [S] Harnove Tool

--> Skull Stuck

--> Dream Of Plebeian

--> Troll Fleece

YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dam... After weeks trying to get one, i finally did =D

Made my best happy, and made me happy

I hope u liked it hun =D

P.S.: Special Thanks To B.L. (not gonna say it lol he knows who he is), without u i wouldnt have this armor =D

Awwwww =( Well, hope to see u all on the 3rd Anniversary of Red Stone next year ^.^

(hopefully we'll have more events b4 that x))