Hi guys just wanted to add a quick note here i think will be usefull in the near future. I recently got a message from a certain priirson *cough* saying something like
"you should save all your guides and post them in the new forum for the new server cuz if u dont do it i will" so basically was a "either you post them or i do and take credit for all ur hard work" :)

1st- I don't have to save my guides... they are MY guides and obviously are already saved somewhere (note book... word documents...lots of them .__. ... and ofc MY FORUM).

2nd- this was the reason that made me come here and post this. I know im not very active on the blog lately (i have a real life too ya know?! lol), and i stopped playing red stone with all the hacking going on. I got bored and annoyed because i couldnt sell or buy anything + ppl were gettin alot of things without having to work for them. That is just wrong... anyways... as i was saying i know im not very active on the blog lately but i just wanted to post the link to MY FORUM here. I know a big % of the community used my guides in the past and i got lots of PMs thanking me for the guides i made and now that this server came to an end i also got requests (of people that were actually alot less...rude... than Bomina) asking me to please post them somewhere where they can check once the new server opens even if i dont play it. Well i will play when the new server opens. Maybe not as actively as i used to be with the new internship and job and w.e else is coming but i will play, and i plan on posting my guides on the new forum even tho many ppl tried to steal them and take credit (and free items) for all the guides i made.
But if you wanna make sure u don't miss any of them you can just check my forum here:

Here you will find ALL my guides and walkthroughs, you wont have to search through lots and lots of other posts to find them. Its easy!! But you do have to register. Don't worry you wont have to pay anything xD it just makes it easier for me to control who accesses it and gives you access to all the posts. I'm the only admin there so please be good!

Hope to see you all in the new Prandel soon! I'll be the one cleaning probably  

(ofc ill have a tamer too, tamer is who i am!)

Cya soon ppl!