So... Today... I applied for the GM plvl event. Was curious to know wat would happen there ._.

I was in salty B8, suddenly got called to Smug Motel. Everything cool so far right? .....

1- I didn't get more than 500k exp in 1 hr...
2- His meteor was hittin like 10k .__.
3- he was like SUPER RUDE
i could continue this list til like nr. 100 lawl

Someone in pt asked: When will we know if sandboxie is illegal or not?
i go like... why?wats the difference between using sandboxie and multiple computers...
GM-Master: Bcaus i said so!

..... Was such a nice answer...

And for example... Some guy went there... By the way he was talking i think he didnt know english very well not sure. He gets there ans says "can get pt plz?"
GM-Master:  Go away xxxxx (the name of the dude)!

so he asks to stay there and w8 and sits. This was his answer
GM-Master: Im warning you to leave now. Wanna get kiked?

And he goes like "plz pt me if pt not full"
GM-Master:  xxxxxx (name of the guy) last warning if you dont leave ill suspend you!"
.......Is that a good example? No. For many reasons.
1st- They re telling us we should be assholes to the community.
2nd- Abuse of power.
3rd- He didnt even care if he was understanding wat he was saying. Just kept threatening him.

Then Kuro went there to see wat was happening and talked to me.
GM-Master:  If you are not in the event leave!

So i asked... Shes just talking to me, shes not interfering with the pt shes just sitting here and chatting with me can she plz stay shes nto asking for pt...
GM-Master:  No!Leave!... 

I honestly have no words to describe how rude this guy was to everyone. Then he was like "stay here i bring monster" so Uzi turned to him and asked "Can i ask you wats ur original language?your english is.... odd..."
GM-Master:  "Monsters!Happy now?" -.-

Seriously... The more i know OGP... More i miss K2...

I left the event... We were being treated like... dogs...! "go away or ur kiked?"... The moment he said the same to kuro i just said "he sure is a nice gm ima go item hunt with my friend ty for the ...plvl..." was more like... "ty for the 500k exp u gave me in 1 hr with ur noob 999 char but well... if they're that bitchy didnt wanna risk gettin banned... just bcaus he can.

Well anyway...
Do NOT participate in other 'GM plvl' events... Its a waste of time...

~ KuteMadKitty ~ im_all_yours ~ _Syn_ ~ Elodie ~ LadyPriest