Omigawd x] now that i decided to start playing more the LIBERTY assholes decided to go go on war against us on Evony??? T.T $#!$%"&&$/#&$%##"!$%&/$" rei and kara taking my beauty sleep 

Don't even have time to play Red Stone ._____.

I kinda thought of makin a page on my blog just for Evony but hmmmm idk .____. i mean ill be bk playing Trickster soon
so... Trickster + Evony + Red Stone = no time for bloggin if im gonna talk about all xD

Im bored today meh :/ everyone off in guild chat, helly went out saying he looks like Jesus and i r alonez wtf 

Well atleast we haz Siege today 

I r gonna try the new recording shizzle i got xD

anyway.....booooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing -________________________-"