I just stopped by to wish everyone who still reads my blog a Happy New Year...

2013 was a really bad year for me... well the past 11 years were hell for me but i think these past 2 were the worst.
My life is so fked up atm i just wanna find a whole, jump inside and hide from everyone 

I've got to a point where i just gave up on everything and im just surviving instead of living... anyways i didn't come here to bitch about my life! Just wanna wish everyone a great year and i REALLY hope 2014 is better than 2013. It really has to be...

Happy new year everyone! I probably wont be seen much in game after the 7th or something like that. I can't buy premium and who usually buys it for me can't either soooooooooooooo.... im not playing at lvl 670 without it, that would b just . (if anyone wants to sell it to me (astros 1st im not stupid... not anymore lol...) im in for 300m/400 astros)
And now im off to bed