Well if i can call it that way xD

Im not KuteMadKitty in this server, neither am i red_butterfly_2 or im_all_yours.......
And im still low lvl, not goin all Low Life like all those fkers on rs now.....

Made prinny 1st =], now argy 'gave' meh Fly Catcher (<3 argy)
Then decided to make tamer but i was too lazy to spam SA all the time .__. decided to get fams and remade to get the skills i needed xD
At the same time im making a priest but dam that little wisdom difference is gettin on my nerves .__. tamer is lvlin much faster just bcus of that small difference :/

Well... if your one of the few nice ppl still playing and you see meh somewhere, feel free to say hi... if your an asshole fk off and leave meh alone :/ tired of takin shit from ppl ._____.

and no, im not being bitchy.... just tired of these ppl now
Most ppl are kids and most kids are asses..... and the ones that arent kids are usually even more than the kids xD

Heres a family pic to remind later XD

Meh.... i think ill be posting more often now... just wanna get my dam laptop fixed and bk to vista or get xp :/ so i can go on trickster too T.T

Cya peeps