Opening a Red Stone Forum Post and read a comment on my fams doesnt surprise me anymore. Recieving PMs or seeing "Friends" saying shiz to me bout them doesnt surprise me either. But its kinda sad... Why cant a Red Stone player have Zin Fams without being called a cheater?

The truth is, im not the only one with them but ppl keep bugging...ME

So what did i do about it? I GvG tamed x) i decided to start using my zins again and fk those who dont like them.

Someone told me there is still a way to get them, but ill need to try it and im kinda lazy to do that. I already have Zin Fams anyway so...

And for those kids who keep making comments like girl = items and gold pl0x, zin fams pl0x (Umbra), or Yo Kute did Zieu give you new fams 0.o they are 608 (Bass) , get something to do and stop the childish comments.
Would it make you all happier if i said something like "yeah im fkin a GM so he gave me Zin Fams"
? Caus if thats the problem i can say that =) but its not true. Im not Chrissy guys, dont get confused.
You ppl are Jealous Jealous... Lolz, i love my zins