After last weeks 400% exp, all i wanted was MORE 400% EXP!!! But people just refuse to agree with me!!! 

Oh well... the Monster Invasion won the poll and it was actually not a bad event... well... i couldnt hit the mobs with Zieu obviously :/ nab CSQ lolz lower the resistance to magic pl0x!
But i did manage to find those little groups of ppl with a necro, hidding somewhere attacking a monster or 2... i could only hit them when they had that shizzle hmmm idk the name xD that red dtop with a + sign... (?) Anyways... when i could finally hit the mobs, i got a mapus box that gave me 5 flame stones! (yes i get happy with little so what?!)

see...? seeeee...? SEEEEE...? xD
Well anyways, the good thing about it, is that i got a pretty cool trade for it :) its always better to trade for something you're looking for...

TCHANANNN! <.< ye it was pretty cool... especially because the mirroring worked!  *dances*

Woot! Me looooooves my belt (hope i dont have to sell this one too xD)  no no no no no lol
So yeah, i am going to bed pretty happy...
Oh yeah im that awsm  like a boss  (jk xD)

Well hmmm i guess thats all for now...
Ty for reading my crazy monkey posts  i do love these cuties lol

Cya next time