Some of you already know i quitted Red Stone last week 2009/11/14, after the Siege War against Defcon.

1) I took my tamer out of LaFamiglia after a long run of insults commin from BassHunter.

2) I played on Siege War bcaus my friends asked me for help, but after what happened during the Siege War and after, was obvious that this game is dead for me.

@Defcon members, if any of you ever see this:
I didn't complain about pinkers without proof, i actually have one (ever heard of pink catcher programs?)
My princess was pinked 6 times, and after that i was so mad i decided to rejoin my tamer just for the Siege War, she got pinked 4 times.

All my guild members were getting dced except for argy, the high members were getting dced as soon as they left the 1st gate.

Not to mention that the Spawn Killing (which Darkkie claimed as being one of his favorite things) was too much. Everyone at the spawn + bug abuse, we couldnt even get out of the gate bcaus dc --------> Log again = were dead

And the unnecessary "conversation" after the Siege War... LOL was just too much

This week i actually logged 2 or 3 times to talk to my friends, but Red Stone doesnt have the impact on me that it used to have... I don't miss it anymore, i have all my friends on messenger... so why keep playing?

SO!... ppl enjoy your game full of bugs, hackers, bit***s, asses.... etc etc etc.....

Im gonna be a full time Trickster =)

After what happened today i think i have no business with Red Stone anymore, or any Gamers First game anymore...

Be cool ppl, have fun

P.S.: Don't start asking me for pinkers names, im not gonna give any. Its useless.
And dont start asking for items either. Maybe if they add Main Quest, ill come back to do my guides and go again.

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