Updated Content

Mirror Map 
- Two Mirror Map fields are added to all original fields where monsters from another world show up. You can go to each field through Event Teleporter in Brunenstig (82, 112).

- You can teleport to Mirror Map of the field by paying 10,000 Gold to Dimension Traveler who stands in each field.
Field Name NPC

* You can't gain Exp if monsters are more than 50 level higher/lower than you.
* You can't gain Exp in maps where boss monsters are more than 50 level higher/lower than you.

Minor Guild War
- A new guild war where you can set level requirements and limited the number of participants.
- Talk to a new NPC Parsena in the guild hall to apply for a minor guild war.
- A guild can participate in Minor Guild War 3 times a week.
- Minor Guild War ranking for Minor Guild War.

Additional Features

- More authority for guild members - Guild members can enjoy guild content even when the guild master is not online
- Detailed information in Berserker title - you can easily check how many times you used or can use Berserker title
- Adjust transparency of explosion effect.
- Choose not to send log in message to friend / guild member.

Thats all folks xD bye