Hello =D

You probably know me already from Red Stone, but for those who doesnt:

My name is Patrícia, im from Portugal and i started playing like 1 year and half ago +... close to the Beta Days.

I started as a Tamer named red_butterfly_2 which i remade and now its called KuteMadKitty ^^. I wont talk about red or i would stay here the whole day x).

KuteMadKitty was created like a month before Christmas of 2008, started as Health Tamer, and like 4 months ago i restated to kinda Pure Luck Tamer lol, and its currently Lvl 370 =).

I'll be posting bout some pet experiences, build experience and other things i tried in these almost 2 years of gaming. I hope you like it :P

As Luck Tamer, when i item hunt i use my luck gear:


I personally prefer the 1/3 Luck Shoes, i think works better for me.

But i use Big Burglar Shoes too sometimes.



Yeah i know lol this one only 14 x) well its what i have atm lool


Ok...this one is not mine...well kinda is lol it's my best friends neck and we both use it... i actually use it more than him 0.o lolz






Once again, this one is not mine :P but i use it just like the neck eheh
When idont have it, or i use T Set Armor 350, or a Brigandine with 8% Avoidance x) doesnt help much but i look sexy in black lolz

With al this atm i hav 2k + luck =) (doesnt exactly help ¬¬ but nvm...)

Hmmmm... And thats it... ^^ for now.......