I know i'm not updatin my blog much, my brain is kinda fked lately x)

2009-12-26                                  Lost GH5 to Defcon (gotta loooooooooove Pink lawl my comp crashes so many times)

2010-01-02                                  Took GH5 from Defcon

2010-01-09                                  Lost GH5 ro Hells_Eden (Gm items + Gm pets ftw?Amer = 999fams, Tito...same...(?)                                                   lawl)
                                                     (Kinda impossible to kill a thief / monk with 16k HP like paper without them)
2010-01-16                                  Today we took GH5 from them back 

Congratz LaFamiglia, =^_^= meow