Yay Yay Yay! 
Finally some good events! Well power hour... everyone likes that ofc but 1 hrs (2 now) a day its nothing compared to power hour weekend =/ Specially cuz i stay awake for power hour ar 17:00 and its already 1 am here and im item hunting or grinding with my eyes closed 

15 hearts for playing an hr every wednesday is nothing either -.-" BUT... monster invasion! 
Well my tamer doesnt rly need anything from it... cuz this is my bank atm:

But my mage needs a few things... poor guy is low on hearts, reskills, restats, horns... not to mention i wanna get him a fast attack form without having to spend any money OR gold on one <.<

But the game doesnt like me  it didnt give me that ticket... but instead it gave me....


Its not wat i wanted but my mage could use a 1/2 Health belt :P just not sure which one my bf will choose -.-"

Anyways.... The power hours are not what i wanted but its still helping me level.
With the berries and the 3x ph my mage and priest can finally get some levels since they dont have premium... Mage is finally out of Mizna sd yay! But priest is still stuck in it -.-" for 8 more lvls 

But hey! they re lvlin!
Buff_Station is now 541
Elodie is now 593
LadyPriest is now 527 (awwww)

It sucks to have one in each sd... 
And now its 00:53h (16:53h in game) and its almost ph time so im out! And Prii there u go... a new post xD

Btw if anyone sells or knows someone who sells astros... let me know =/ i need it T.T


And all you dog lovers pray for my Kipper to b ok .__. he fell from the balcony and got hurt >.<
My 'baby' boy is old already T.T heres some kipper love <3

Have a good day!