Today i had the chance to fight in a REAL siege war with my tamer. And when i say real i mean with no cheating, no insults... just 2 guilds fighting for a Guild Hall.

I liked it, not only becaus it was a clean siege War but becaus my tamer wasn't that easy to kill. Ofc after 20 minutes i started lagging like nothing caus my computer likes being an ass and the timing is just.... 

Anyway, thought maybe i could share some pics of my equipment here 
And btw, don't even bother posting here stuff like "hey u suk ur equip sux zin fams bla bla bla"  i won't even answer i'll just delete it.

Sooooo. Here it goes...
Most the times i use my T Set 450 becaus of the + skills. Atleast when i'm lvlin i do. Now, theres 1 thing i like about this T set and 1 thing i hate...:

x All the skills from the bonus disappear when i remove 1 piece... most T sets take only some but in this one they all disappear... so lets say i remove my head so i can use my Authority, i love 4 from the head and 5 from the bonus... it really sux..

The bonus avoidance, it doesnt change if u remove 1 piece, so i can take off the T Set armor and use Safe Cage, and i'll have 16% avoidance from T Set bonus + 15% from the Safe Cage  its pretty cool lol

Whenever im not wearing my T Set, or i can combine it with T Set, this is my  :

Become Healthy (1/2) Anti Charger:

Fast Attack Formguard:

Master Authority on Earth:

Breath of Goddess:

Adventure Spirit of Commercial:
(Now this one i use it sometimes caus of the skill +, caus i was smart enough to sell my Bb shows the other day...)  when i'm nto wearing these shoes, i just wear 1/3 luck shoes.)

Now the rings...:
Abundance Engagement Ring of Tartkraft:
(I have 2 more normal ones)

Clamor Mobius:
(I like this one xD i think its pretty looool)

I also have 1/3 Luck neck, belt, shoes, gloves, head and flute... but i don't really wear them loool x] the belt and shoes i do sometimes... gloves too but the neck head and flute i have them and never used lol
My drops aren't too bad with these items and my 1.6k luck. Also have around 2k HP and enough charisma for the T Set and im good atm.
Also have other items i didn't show here caus they're like normal items... The +3 skill tattoo for example or the other rings... Anyway its 4:30 am, finished Siege War like 50 minutes ago (or 30 but i'll talk about it in another post tmr lol) and i'm like super tired now so Nighty Night  (i have no idea wat the monkey is saying but i hope its nothing bad lawl i just like the monkey is cute <.<)

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