Hello everyone. I understand it's against OGP rules to post on forum or shout for astros, but well they canĀ“t ban me for doing it on my own blog... sooo...

B> 400 astros (or more if someone can sell more than that) and comon dont ask for 800m cuz thats just stupid -.- i've been buying it for like 250m and last time i already payed 300. I even offered 350 cuz i dont hv prem anymore and i need it so thats as much as i can buy it for.

If theres anyone interested PM me on Elodie / LadyPriest / Buff_Station or AkariSakura. Call me w.e u want but i cant play if atleast one of my chars doesnt hv prem. Sooo... w,e

B> astros gn and enjoy the event that just started