Meh.... Red Stone isn't fun anymore and i think almost everyone will agree with me on this one.... I still remember 2 years ago all the nice ppl we had in there.... now most ppl on Red Stone are effin assholes.....

If you ask for pt..... you get no answer
If you don't pt..... you get insulted or KS'ed
High lvls (low lives or boters lets say) think they own the game and that the lvl makes them know more about RS... i say bs

No one turns to me when im killin a freakin cannibal saying "fu go learn how to play" just bcaus i was killin an effin cannibal in Deff Hills... wtf r they???!!! As far as i know cannibal is free for everyone if u get there 1st... (and if u dont they just KS... lawl ridiculous......)
"you pissed me off" bcaus i was killin cannibal?????? L......(no w8 w8.....)....MAO! 
He asked for pt and i pted and he starts talkin shit caus of my lvl killin cannibal rofl so wat if im bored at colossus and wanted to try to kill an effin cannibal -.- fu nabs 

I bet most of them didnt even know wat a premium was on the old server, and they think they re someone now rofl

Meehhh...I just wanna get my laptop bk to vista o i can play Trickster again :/ Windows 7 sux balls .___.