Dam this easter event for me!!! T.T i got like 15 lvl or something but no drops! Seriously?! Well i did get my 1st NX drop...
An excalibur!!!  wat da fu**?! Got it in mizna sd...

Could hv been something like bsting NX or formguard NX... but no =/

Well i did get to 500 on my 3 chars!! 

Yay me!

But ofc... this wouldnt be a real event without bugs!!!!
Lets see... Login bug... "connection failed" "connection failed" "connection failed"...
Or login down... and even... bubble bug!!!!!

You can see im charging but i have bubbles in my head... sooooo my auto skills were off... for more than 10 minutes i was running around with bubbles and pets super slow!!!! And you ask... why da hell didnt you just relog!!!!????
 Doh.... Login down event!? loool and im rly unlucky i keep getting the "connection failed" over and over and over... Well it stopped at some point so... w.e..

And thats all for now! My dogs snoring next to me, my cats sleeping on the tv and i think its time for me to join them! Have fun guys!