April 17, 2019
Hi guys! It's been a while since i poster here... Well i've been playing for about 3 days now and i keep getting messages of people asking me to blog again. So i guess ill think about it lol

Just wanted to share something. This never happened to me before lol 2 days ago i went item hunting and in 5 min dropped 3 DXU... plus a couple Us and an S. Yesterday 2 minutes into the item hunting got BB shoes and 2 more DXU lol and today 5 min i got 2 DXU and another one later plus some Us. These were the drops from the last 59 minutes.

Ok it's nothing too good lol but why are so many DXU dropping in so little time? 

Well anyway, see ya everyone!

  Thanks for reading!


November Update

December 22, 2016
** Update, November 24th, 2016 **

1. Flowerpot of Activity Stellar Flower, Stellarberry
1) Where to get Flowerpot of Activity
NPC Lunabi : Brunenstig (71,120)
NPC Solabi : Adventurer's Association in Brunenstig (72,29)

- Flowerpot of Activity grows when you hunt.
- When it grows 100%, you can reap 1 Stellarberry by paying NPC Lunabi / Solabi.
- The amount of money you should pay to earn Stellarberry increases according to your character level.

Chance of Stellarberry
Stellarberry : 63%
Fresh Stellarberr...
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December events :)

December 16, 2016
Hi guys (and girls)!
So i was just playing when i got this:

So i decided to go check the events on Red Stone's facebook page but there was nothing on these Stockings. Anyways when i opened the ones i got, these balloons were inside:

Now... i still don't know if the red exp baloon is stackable with berry or not but i will try it soon. Still cool anyways! When you have no more available berries, and you have some balloons... you get it right? :P

AH! and theres the snowman event too ofcourse:

This on...
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New Content

December 9, 2016
Hi guys! Just stopped by to let you all know that i will be adding some new stuff very soon.
I started playing again a couple months ago, i got Kute and Zieu to 450 (finally!) and done my awakening, got pumps and all that, so i will be adding some new stuff somewhere between sunday and middle of next week.
So make sure you don't miss anything!

Selfie time <.<

Anyways, stay safe guys and have fun! I will be back soon <3

 Bye Bye

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July 7th Updates (Mirror Maps coords)

July 9, 2016
Updated Content

Mirror Map 
- Two Mirror Map fields are added to all original fields where monsters from another world show up. You can go to each field through Event Teleporter in Brunenstig (82, 112).

- You can teleport to Mirror Map of the field by paying 10,000 Gold to Dimension Traveler who stands in each field.
Field Name NPC

* You can't gain Exp if monsters are more than 50 level higher/lower than you.
* You can't gain Exp in maps where boss monsters are more than 50 level higher/lower than ...
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New blog subpage

December 2, 2014
Hi guys, just wanted to let you know (the ones who didn't notice yet) that i've added a sub page to the blog with only walkthroughs.

As you can see here:

It will be easier for you to look for you to look for the guides you wanna look at. Just click the tags on the right:

Or use the search located above the Tags:

Now... i understand some of the walkthroughs have the coords wrong. It is hard to keep updating them everytime they change maps. I will update them as i do the quests


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Quest Guides

November 15, 2014
Hi guys just wanted to add a quick note here i think will be usefull in the near future. I recently got a message from a certain priirson *cough* saying something like
"you should save all your guides and post them in the new forum for the new server cuz if u dont do it i will" so basically was a "either you post them or i do and take credit for all ur hard work" :)

1st- I don't have to save my guides... they are MY guides and obviously are already saved somewhere (note book... word documents.....

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Lucky Monster Invasion Event <3

June 4, 2014
After last weeks 400% exp, all i wanted was MORE 400% EXP!!! But people just refuse to agree with me!!! 

Oh well... the Monster Invasion won the poll and it was actually not a bad event... well... i couldnt hit the mobs with Zieu obviously :/ nab CSQ lolz lower the resistance to magic pl0x!
But i did manage to find those little groups of ppl with a necro, hidding somewhere attacking a monster or 2... i could only hit them when they had that shizzle hmmm idk the name xD that red dtop with a + si...
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2nd Rebirth - Quest

May 13, 2014
Start Over Again

Gypsy Village Vissel
Alshas Pang 29.37

Kuhlespring Pond
Jev Neili 87.193

Arian, the City of Oasis
Merof 28.48

Start Over quest is completed.
Improvement Method Using Magic quest added.

(You can choose one of 3 options, i chose magic (i think its number 3 don't remember)

Arian, the City of Oasis
Merof 28.48

Magic City Smug
Torinos 31.75
Lose 100.000G
Get Spell of Purification

Arian, the City of Oasis
Merof 28.48

Kuhlespring Pond
Jev Neili 87.193

Improvement Method Using Magic quest completed.
If y...
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1st Rebirth - Quest

January 6, 2014
I'll make this easier this time. People are never happy with what they get... either its "no pictures on your walkthroughs?!" or its "Make it only pictures and no text!!! Easier doh!!"... So ill make this one almost all pictures and see what they can come up with next xD
So here it goes:

Ruined City Damel

Gypsy Village Vissel

The New Empire Bigaple

Large Village Baliat

The New Empire Bigaple

4th Floor of Molinar Tower

Logging Village Brentil

Nearby the Nave Falls in Great Forest

Logging Village Brentil...
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